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Monthly Archives: 3 October 2017

Labour Law

Our experience and consultancy work in labour law covers a wide range from preparation of business contracts to negotiating collective bargaining and signing of collective wage contracts. Read More

Tax Law

Tax Law is a field that needs counseling frequently, due to its complex structure. It has gained great importance especially for foreign investors. The experience and knowledge of our office ...

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Direct Foreign Investments

Another field in which our office is very strong and has Turkish and German publishing’s is foreign investments. We actualized the foundation of more than 100 small and bigger size foreign ca...

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Contracts Law

Our advisors and work in law of obligations and civil law takes our office to the foreground in this field. As a result our Firm has built up a significant database of templates of Contracts especially relating to franchising, co-operations, company law, acquisitions and mergers contracts, transfer ...

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Company acquisitions and mergers form an important part of today’s world economy. As a result of expansion of companies to other parts of the world, technical advancements, and the reduction ...

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Competitive Law

Competition Law plays an important role both in M&As as well as in company rules (compliance rules). Our office solves problems of competition law that could show up during acquisitions and mergers and also gives consultancy services to companies requiring permissions to be taken from the compet...

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Litigation and Arbitration

Our office has different experiences and undertakings in litigation and arbitration. We would like to mention our experience in labor law related litigation especially. Apart from this our of...

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Foreigners Law

Another field related to direct foreign investments is the foreigners’ law. Residency and work permits of foreign investors form a big part of our work in this field and we have huge experien...

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Unions and Foundations Law

Forming of unions and foundations and their management are also part of our offices knowledge and experience. The establishment of a US origin foundation in Turkey within the terms of reciprocity was first done by our office. We are still giving service to five unions and two foundations as well as ...

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